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Links to Various Thread Charts for Machine Embroidery

Site Type of Thread Chart

ABC Embroidery Designs

ThreaDelight Poly Color Chart

Amann USA

Isalon Color Chart

Amann USA

Yenmet Color Chart

American & Efird

Mettler Color Charts

Beacon Fabric

Machine Quilting Thread Color Card
Metrosene Plus© Color Card
Sylko Embroidery Thread Color Card
YLI Glazed Quilting Thread Color Card
Heirloom and Silk Thread Color Card
Iridescent Embroidery Thread Color Card
Metallic Embroidery Thread Color Card
Monet Embroidery Thread Color Card

Brother EMB PAS Store

Madeira Polyester and Rayon Color Cards

Checker Distributors

Gutermann Dekor Thread Color Chart
Click HERE for links to several other brands!

Charming Station

Coats & Clark Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread Color Chart

Dakota Collectibles

Madeira Rayon Color Chart

Digi Demon

Marathon Poly Color Chart

Dobcroft Farm

Brother Satin Finish and Country Threads Color Chart

Embroidery & Sewing Supplies Inc.

Fufu Polyester, Floriani Poly Color Charts

Embroidery Online

Mettler - 
  • Mettler Color Chart for Magic Box
  • Extra Stark
  • Metallic
  • Metrosene
  • Overlock
  • Polysheen
  • Quilting
  • Silk-Finish
  • Silky Sheen
  • Sticken

Yenmet Metallic Thread Chart


  • Isacord/Isafil RGB Color Chart 
  • Isacord Color Description Chart

Embroidery Source

Kingstar Polyester Color Chart 


Color Charts for Isacord 


Rayon, Polyester, & Metallic Charts

Marathon Threads Canada

Rayon, Polyester, Variegated, & Metallic Charts

Marvelous Creations

Brother Thread Charts (name & number only):
     Country Yarn


Go to Thread, then Spools, then on the chart you need.

ARC Poly Color Chart
ARC Rayon Color Chart
ARC Metallic Color Chart
Metro Embroidery Thread Click on Free Color Match Software to download a demo of My Threadbox software with conversions for Metro Thread
Metro Embroidery Thread Metro Embroidery Thread Chart

Oregon Patchworks

Marathon Rayon Color Charts

Peacock Embroidery Supplies

Peacock Rayon, Twister Tweed Rayon, Metallic, Polyester, and Variegated Thread Charts

Quality Logo Products

ARC Color Chart and
Pantone Matching System Color Chart

RNK Distributing

Floriani Color Chart


R-A Rayon Color Chart
R-A Polyester Color Chart
Sessa Textile Ameth/Salus Polyester Embroidery Color Chart
Ameth/Salus Polyester Embroidery Color Chart
Sewing & Craft Club Madeira Color Charts

Soft Expressions

DMC Cotton Machine Embroidery Thread

Splinters & Threads

Signature, Sulky Holoshimmer, Superior, & YLI Candlelight Color Charts


Ultratwist, Poly-Deco, Rayon, Metallic, Cotton, Blendables, &  HoloShimmer Color Charts

GLITTER Color Card


ThreadArt color chart


Mettler Cotton Thread Chart

Ultima Poly

Ultima Poly Color Charts

Windstar Embroidery

RA Super Strength Rayon Thread Color Chart

RA Twister Tweeds & Variegated Thread Color Chart

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester Thread Color Chart

YLI Corporation

YLI Color Charts (Look under Products, then Embroidery)
Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies Guttermann Thread Chart

MG-barsm.gif (7959 bytes)

Links to Various Thread Conversion Charts for Machine Embroidery

Site Type of Chart


Isacord to Pantone, Madeira, Robison Color Matching
Isafil to Pantone, Madeira, Robison Color Matching
Isalon to Pantone, Madeira, Robison Color Matching

Alko Sewing

Janome Thread to R-A Poly, Mettler Poly, Brother Poly, Madeira Rayon and Poly, and Sulky Rayon Conversion Chart

Angus Sewing

Brother Thread to Madeira Rayon, Madeira Poly, and Sulky Conversion Chart


Babylock to Sulky & Madeira  Conversion Chart

Beacon Fabric

Isacord to Sylko Conversion Chart
Madeira to Sylko Conversion Chart
Sulky to Sylko Conversion Chart

Becky J Designs

DMC-Madeira-ARC-Fufu-R-A Conversion Table

Brother EMB PAS Store

COATS Sylko to Madeira Poly Neon Conversion Chart

Digi Demon

Marathon Rayon to Poly Cross Reference PDF

The easy-to-use Thread Management + Conversion Program.  Keep track of your sewing and embroidery threads and convert them from one brand to another FAST and EASY.  Download a free 14-day trial version!

Embroidery Designs

Convert Pantone color to Robison-Anton, Madeira, Ackermann, or Sulky or vice versa.

Embroidery Online

  • Isacord to Sulky Conversion Chart (Includes the 36 colors added in 2003!)
  • Isacord to Sulky, Madeira, Mettler thread Conversion Chart 
  • YLI Variations/Isacord Conversion Chart
Enmart Downloadable conversion chart in PDF format for Iris, Pantone, Robison-Anton, Madeira, Isacord, and Gunold threads.

Also a handy Thread Converter for the following:

  • Madeira Polyester to Iris® 
  • Madeira Rayon to Iris® Polyester
  • Robison Anton Polyester to Iris®
  • Robison Anton Rayon to Iris® Polyester
  • Isacord Polyester to Iris® 
  • Sulky Rayon to Iris® Polyester
  • Gunold Polyester to Iris®

Free Embroidery Stuff

Pantone to Robison-Anton, Madeira, Ackermann, and Sulky Conversion
Madeira Pantone to Madeira Matching Charts

Marathon Threads Canada

Marathon to Pantone Matching Chart

Thread converter to and from  Janome, Madeira Rayon, Madeira Poly, Mettler, R-A Rayon, R-A Poly, & Sulky

RNK Distributing

Floriani/Marathon Conversion
Floriani/DMC/Madeira Conversion/ARC/RA Conversion
Floriani/Isacord Conversion 
Floriani/Brother Conversion
Floriani/Sulky/Janome Conversion
Floriani/RA Conversion


Pantone to R-A Comparison
Sulky to R-A Comparison
Madeira to R-A Comparison
Isacord to R-A Comparison

The Sewing Room

Janome Acrylic to R-A, Mettler, Madeira, Sulky
Sessa Textile Pantone to Ameth Conversion Chart

Madeira to Ameth Conversion Chart

Marathon to Ameth Conversion Chart

Airplane (Tristar) to Ameth Conversion Chart

Robinson-Anton to Ameth Conversion Chart

Isacord to Ameth Conversion Chart

Sewphisticated Stitcher

Sulky to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Brother to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Janome to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Coats to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Mettler to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Sherio Productions

Pantone conversion chart to Madeira Rayon, Madeira Polyneon, Robison Anton Rayon, Robison Anton Polyester, Brother Rayon, Brother Polyester, Isafil, Isacord, FuFu Rayon, FuFu Polyester, Marathon Rayon, Marathon Polyester, Sulky, &  DMC
ThreadArt Several different thread conversion charts

Universal Design

Embroidery Thread Database for Pantone, Madeira, Sulky, R-A, Isafil, Wire, & Fufu Rayons

Vermillion Stitchery

DMC to Sulky Rayon, Mettler, RA Rayon, Madeira Rayon, Madeira Poly, Aurifil Cotton, and Isacord

Windstar Embroidery

RA #122 Rayon to Madeira Rayon

RA #122 Super Strength Rayon™ to Sulky (Gunold) Rayon

RA #122 Super Strength Rayon™ to RA #122 Super Brite Polyester®

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester® to Isacord Polyester

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester® to Sulky (Gunold) Polyester


Janome, Madeira, Sulky, Isafil, Marathon, and R-A to Wonderfil Conversion  Charts

MG-barsm.gif (7959 bytes)

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