Patriotic Baskets
Artwork by Brenda Nippert

A collection of 6 beautiful designs digitized under exclusive license granted by Nippert & Co. Artworks.  Sew Terific Designs is proud to be the *only* authorized digitizer for this company's awesome artwork.  Brenda Nippert is well known in the basket community as the best source for original clipart for promotional material and other needs.  Although her basket artwork is what she is best known for, she has created plenty of clipart that anyone can use.   You can see and purchase more of Brenda's exceptional clipart here.  

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Journey of Hope breast cancer charity.

By purchasing or downloading these designs, you agree to read and abide by the following:

These designs, images, and all derivative works are Copyright 2002 Nippert &
Co. Artworks, digitized under License to Sew Teri-fic Designs. They can be 
stitched on anything you can imagine for personal use, gifts, and even items for resale.  You may not transfer, sell, share, or post these design files, images, or 
derivative works anywhere without written permission.

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trudiPatrioticBanner.JPG (90975 bytes)
Patriotic Banner Basket - $7
3.76" x 1.43"
PatrioticFlowers.JPG (73553 bytes)
Patriotic Flower Basket- $7
2.16" x 3.36"
Angelsm.JPG (26746 bytes)
Patriotic Angel-$8 
2 sizes:
3.92" x 3.89" or 3.52" x 3.47" and
5.92" x 5.85"
(large size not available for PCS & SEW)
StarsnStripesForever.JPG (60537 bytes)
Stars & Stripes Forever- $7
2.80" x 2.81"
Comes with and without words

RocketBear.JPG (18151 bytes)
Bear Rocket- $7
3.5" x 3.25"
American Dream.JPG (24109 bytes)
The American Dream- $7
Comes with and without words

The price of this collection is only $35.

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Basket Weave Star
approx. 1.5"
Use for collars, plackets, corners, borders & more!


Project Idea!

(Click on images to enlarge)
My Patriotic Shirt front.jpg (63237 bytes)
My Patriotic Shirt back.jpg (22894 bytes)
Back yoke
I love embellishing and wearing windowpane shirts!  Here's one I did with these designs.  I got my shirts from My Sister's Designs.

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