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All the designs you need for creating your own Haunted House scenes!  22 embroidery designs to arrange as you wish for all your Halloween embroidery projects.  Use these designs on totes, sweatshirts, placemats, wall hangings, pillows, you name it!.  Sized for the 4x4 hoops (2 designs also sized a bit larger).

Haunted House Tote Instruction eBook (shown below) 
by Susan Huberty for Tazetta Boutique
also available in PDF format! (Scroll down for description)

PatternCover.jpg (267080 bytes)

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moon.jpg (44321 bytes)
2.57x1.93 inches
7,580 stitches
roundwindow.jpg (31809 bytes)
Round Window
1.87x1.80 inches
6,380 stitches

candycorn.jpg (23897 bytes)

Candy Corn
0.56x0.58 inches
463 stitches
 Candy Corn Row
3.52x0.59 inches
3,011 stitches
window1.jpg (37163 bytes)
Window 1
1.58x2.00 inches
8,412 stitches
window&shutters.jpg (61163 bytes)
Window 1
1.56x1.96 inches
7,685 stitches
Shutter 1
0.83x1.40 inches
3,184 stitches
Shutter 2
0.80x1.40 inches
3,489 stitches
window3.jpg (34908 bytes)
Window 3
1.57x1.96 inches
6,460 stitches
web.jpg (20394 bytes)
1.50x2.24 inches
941 stitches

1.29x1.16 inches
1,026 stitches
ghost.jpg (19243 bytes)
1.70x1.98 inches
2,730 stitches
witch.jpg (39894 bytes)
1.59x3.16 inches
7,197 stitches
ghosttot.jpg (36654 bytes)
Ghost Trick-or-Treater
1.80x2.98 inches
5,758 stitches
mummytot.jpg (32637 bytes)
Mummy Trick-or-Treater
1.59x2.79 inches
5,676 stitches
tree.jpg (64171 bytes)
2.74x3.93 inches
5,010 stitches
3.18x4.55 inches
5,996 stitches

1.39x1.39 inches
1,311 stitches
fence.jpg (57959 bytes)
4.15x1.74 inches
7,452 stitches
4.17x1.86 inches
8,220 stitches

0.91x1.50 inches
621 stitches
rip.jpg (29566 bytes)
1.91x2.19 inches
3,682 stitches
door.jpg (67999 bytes)
2.22x3.13 inches
11,519 stitches

0.94x1.19 inches
2,315 stitches

1.25x0.84 inches
2,212 stitches

Haunted House Tote eBook

PatternCover.jpg (267080 bytes)

This spook-tacular and boo-tiful bag done in a haunted house theme
is perfect for Halloween and trick-or-treating!

Shown below is only one of many ways to arrange the designs.
Be creative and use them any way you wish!

ToteFront.jpg (103439 bytes)
Tote Front 
ToteBack.jpg (143180 bytes)
Tote Back 
ToteSide1.jpg (127758 bytes)
Tote Side 
ToteSide2.jpg (85014 bytes)
Tote Side 

There are endless possibilities with this pattern,
so let your imagination soar.  Try using interesting fabrics and trims.
Try different handle variations.  Try adding fun machine embroidery designs or appliqué to bring your bag to life.

This bag is so easy and quick to put together that you will want to make several.  Bonus headband instructions are included!

For zippered top tote, use the pattern for the Princess Castle CarryAll found on the Princess Paper Doll & Castle page.

grannywith Avon scarecrow.jpg (30693 bytes)
Here is Granny's version of the same tote (on display with a cute scarecrow from Avon).  She used purple silky fabric for the lining, and a thin batting between the fabric and the lining. The fabric is a denim-weight fabric.  Granny says she didn't add the handle, as she wouldn't use it as a tote, but will stuff with fiberfill and use as a decoration with hankie ghosts sticking out the top!  Love that idea!
0809180253.jpg (67852 bytes)
Pam made this adorable wall hanging using these designs.
Very very nice, Pam!
peggytote1.jpg (25434 bytes) peggytote2.jpg (27146 bytes) peggytote3.jpg (31050 bytes)
Pictured above are 3 sides of Peggy's most delightful Haunted House Tote.  Love the trim she used!
FRhaunted house front.jpg (65489 bytes) FRhaunted house back.jpg (63380 bytes) 

FRhaunted house side1.jpg (64185 bytes) FRhaunted house side2.jpg (61042 bytes)

This one is Fanchon's version.
The designs look great on the lighter fabric as well!

The price for this design collection is $38
Order this design collection PLUS
Haunted House Tote Instruction eBook by Tazetta Boutique
in PDF format for a combo price of
Order Haunted House Tote Instruction eBook ONLY
for $10

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  Sorry, these designs are NOT sold as single designs.


DSC03659-72- Bell pull on frig.jpg (144052 bytes)
Shown above is a unique wall hanging that Betty made using these designs.
Isn't that clever?

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