Christmas Word Play Collection
 Artwork Digitized Under License Granted by Creative Fabrica

 26 unique and clever Christmas wordings for all sorts of projects.  Offered in a variety of sizes.


Believe Word Play
 Believe Word Play
3.90x1.67 inches; 7,045 stitches
5.09x2.17 inches; 9,345 stitches
5.87x2.49 inches; 12,803 stitches
7.02x2.98 inches; 15,215 stitches
Christmas Word Play
 Christmas Word Play
5.11x2.02 inches; 7,975 stitches
5.90x2.33 inches; 9,065 stitches
7.07x2.78 inches; 10,878 stitches
Merry Christmas Word Play
 Merry Christmas Word Play
5.11x3.89 inches; 10,650 stitches
5.90x4.50 inches; 12,367 stitches
6.68x5.09 inches; 14,291 stitches
Ho Ho Ho Word Play
 HO HO HO Word Play
5.88x2.93 inches; 18,940 stitches
7.00x3.49 inches; 23,462 stitches

Feliz Navidad Word Play
Feliz Navidad Word Play
4.96x5.11 inches; 19,338 stitches
5.73x5.89 inches; 22,966 stitches
6.87x7.08 inches; 29,013 stitches
NOEL Word Play
NOEL Word Play
5.09x3.25 inches; 12,960 stitches
5.87x3.76 inches; 14,882 stitches
7.04x4.51 inches; 18,152 stitches
Merry Christmas Arch Word Play
Merry Christmas Arch Word Play
5.83x3.26 inches; 17,272 stitches
7.00x3.91 inches; 20,525 stitches
Best Elf Word Play
Best Elf Word Play
4.70x5.11 inches; 23,181 stitches
5.43x5.90 inches; 27,466 stitches
6.46x7.02 inches; 33,425 stitches
Head Elf Word Play
Head Elf Word Play
3.40x5.09 inches; 16,012 stitches
3.91x5.89 inches; 19,294 stitches
4.67x7.05 inches; 24,636 stitches
Littlest Elf Word Play
Littlest Elf Word Play
5.11x4.57 inches; 15,822 stitches
5.70x5.10 inches; 18,088 stitches
6.98x6.24 inches; 23,866 stitches
Santa's Helper Word Play
Santa's Helper Word Play
3.93x3.22 inches; 11,589 stitches
5.11x4.19 inches; 14,973 stitches
5.90x4.83 inches; 17,201 stitches
7.02x5.76 inches; 20,131 stitches
Sweet & Twisted Word Play
Sweet & Twisted Word Play
3.93x2.94 inches; 8,777 stitches
5.11x3.82 inches; 11,861 stitches
5.89x4.41 inches; 13,690 stitches
6.78x5.07 inches; 16,122 stitches
Official Cookie Tester Word Play
Official Cookie Tester Word Play
5.09x3.80 inches; 14,681 stitches
5.88x4.39 inches; 16,549 stitches
6.76x5.05 inches; 18,651 stitches
 This Is My First Word Play
This Is My First Word Play
5.11x3.51 inches; 19,659 stitches
5.90x4.05 inches; 22,125 stitches
7.02x4.82 inches; 26,145 stitches
Nice Until Word Play
Nice Until Word Play
3.91x3.28 inches; 12,868 stitches
5.09x4.28 inches; 21,097 stitches
5.89x4.94 inches; 25,253 stitches
7.04x5.90 inches; 32,649 stitches
Oh Deer Word Play
Oh Deer Word Play
3.77x2.97 inches; 7,439 stitches
4.97x3.92 inches; 10,181 stitches
5.89x4.65 inches; 12,486 stitches
6.47x5.11 inches; 14,072 stitches
Christams Calories Word Play
Christmas Calories Word Play
4.11x5.09 inches; 16,193 stitches
4.74x5.88 inches; 18,585 stitches
5.62x6.98 inches; 21,371 stitches
OCD Word Play
OCD Word Play
3.85x3.93 inches; 14,799 stitches
5.01x5.11 inches; 18,291 stitches
5.78x5.90 inches; 20,696 stitches
6.89x7.02 inches; 24,258 stitches
Holiday Hugs Word Play
Holiday Hugs Word Play
5.11x4.63 inches; 20,331 stitches
5.89x5.34 inches; 23,066 stitches
7.03x6.37 inches; 27,229 stitches
When You Stop Believing Word Play
When You Stop Believing Word Play
3.74x5.10 inches; 19,697 stitches
4.31x5.89 inches; 22,237 stitches
5.08x7.04 inches; 25,390 stitches
I'm the Reason Word Play
I'm the Reason Word Play
1.88x3.92 inches; 8,277 stitches
2.44x5.10 inches; 10,497 stitches
2.82x5.89 inches; 11,919 stitches
3.39x7.08 inches; 13,819 stitches
Let It Snow Word Play
Let It Snow Word Play
1.91x3.93 inches; 7,514 stitches
2.48x5.11 inches; 9,598 stitches
2.86x5.90 inches; 11,198 stitches
3.41x7.05 inches; 13,839 stitches
Who Needs Santa - Grandma Word Play
Who Needs Santa - Grandma Word Play
3.31x3.91 inches; 14,199 stitches
4.30x5.09 inches; 18,651 stitches
4.97x5.88 inches; 22,284 stitches
5.94x7.05 inches; 27,428 stitches
Who Needs Santa - Grandpa Word Play
Who Needs Santa - Grandpa Word Play
3.91x3.03 inches; 10,207 stitches
5.09x3.95 inches; 12,819 stitches
5.87x4.55 inches; 14,551 stitches
7.06x5.47 inches; 17,330 stitches
Who Needs Santa - Mommy Word Play
Who Needs Santa - Mommy Word Play
5.08x4.44 inches; 20,566 stitches
5.82x5.09 inches; 23,362 stitches
7.06x6.17 inches; 27,700 stitches
Who Needs Santa - Daddy Word Play
Who Needs Santa - Daddy Word Play
3.60x5.07 inches; 16,853 stitches
4.14x5.87 inches; 19,463 stitches
4.91x6.97 inches; 23,572 stitches

Swirly Christmas Tree Mono
Swirly Christmas Tree Monogram Frame
(Click image above to download zip of all formats)
3.56x3.93 inches; 7,853 stitches

5.11x5.65 inches; 11,516 stitches
7.05x7.79 inches; 15,951 stitches

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