Are you looking for top quality machine embroidery designs that you can use for personal or business use?  Then you have come to the right place!  All Sew Terific Designs are digitized by hand, ensuring the best possible stitching results - NOTHING is autodigitized.  Also, our copyright allows you to put these designs on anything you wish, whether you sell it or not, with the exception of items for mass production.

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We offer a large selection of machine embroidery designs available in most home and commercial machine formats, digitized with utmost care and attention to detail, to assure your stitching pleasure.  In business since 1996, we have designs of all types, from traditional filled stitch or Redwork to appliqué or free standing lace and more.
Made in the USA

All of our designs are Made in the USA with U.S. labor.  We NEVER outsource our work!

Instant download available for all collections and Mix ' Match single designs.  Many of our designs are exclusive and will not be found anywhere else.  We offer the best quality at a fair price, with many free samples for you to try.  Browse all the pages to find lots of freebies!

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If you are into machine embroidery and are looking for more designs to add to your stash (who isn't?!), or, if you are in need of custom digitizing services,  click on the buttons to your left.  We have lots of embroidery designs and collections free and for sale as well as embroidery projects to share with  you.

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Americana Colorwork


Jacobean Fruit Lite Collection


Outline Tea Time Collection

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Christmas Llamas collection

NEW Sample Design to Download HERE!

NEW Sample Design to Download HERE!

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Christmas Word Play collection

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    Cheese with Wine Toodle  

 Wine Toodle single design in 2 sizes. Find it here: Mix 'n Match Single Designs !

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Wine A Little collection

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