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All machine formats (except SHV)are included in one zip file.
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M&M Baptism Candle $7.00
Artwork by Nippert & Company; 3.30x3.20 inches
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M&M Baptism Vignette $7.00
Artwork by Nippert & Company; 2.26x3.37 inches
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M&M Be Still & Know $8.00
Includes 3 sizes:
7.08x4.89 inches; 37,840 stitches
8.54x5.89 inches; 48,860 stitches
11.39x7.86 inches; 74,172 stitches
Artwork by Trina Clark
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M&M Be Still & Know 4 Inch $6.00
Includes 2 sizes:
3.91x2.75 inches; 18,530 stitches
5.68x3.92 inches; 28,529 stitches
Artwork by Trina Clark
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M&M Bishop Vignette $7.00
Artwork by Nippert & Company 3.61x2.65 inches
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M&M Chalice 5x7 $8.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert 2.66x7.01 inches
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M&M Communion 5x7 $8.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert 6.62x5.08 inches
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M&M Easter Basket $7.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert; 2.81x3.71 inches
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M&M Easter Toodle $6.00
3.19x5.11 inches; 20,427 stitches
Digitized Under License Granted by Broken Box Stock
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M&M Easter Word Art $8.00
Includes 5 sizes:
3.91x3.90 inches; 24,140 stitches
5.10x5.07 inches; 32,554 stitches
5.89x5.85 inches; 38,129 stitches
7.07x7.02 inches; 47,548 stitches
7.85x7.80 inches; 54,073 stitches
Artwork by Sangunetti Design
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M&M First Communion $7.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert; 3.77 x 3.76 inches
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M&M God Family Country Patriotic Fish $6.00
Includes 2 sizes with lettering:
2.98x3.50 inches; 9,426 stitches and
3.92x3.84 inches; 12,479 stitches
Also 4 sizes of the fish:
1.99x0.77 inches; 3,438 stitches
2.98x1.15 inches; 5,632 stitches
3.92x1.50 inches; 8,223 stitches and
4.96x1.90 inches; 11,729 stitches
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M&M Holy Spirit $7.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert; Nice design for Confirmation and all Christian occasions; 3.76x3.39 inches & 5.85x5.01 inches
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M&M Hoppy Easter $6.00
Artwork by Graphic Garden; 3.54x3.57 inches
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M&M Hoppy Easter Y'All Palmetto $6.00
Popular South Carolina palmetto tree decorated for Easter!
Includes 3 sizes: 3"x3", 4"x4", & 5"x5"
Includes optional lettering for:
"Hoppy Easter Y'all"
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M&M Hoppy Easter Y'All Palmetto Applique $6.00
Popular South Carolina palmetto tree decorated for Easter!
Designed for machine applique
Full instructions included
Includes 2 sizes:
5.65x5.12 inches; 13,825 stitches &
6.49x5.88 inches; 16,631 stitches
Includes optional lettering:"Hoppy Easter Y'all"
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M&M Jesus 5x7 $8.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert; 4.68x7.00 inches
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M&M Wedding 5x7 $8.00
Artwork by Brenda Nippert 6.03x5.08 inches
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