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Free Artwork for Digitizers
by Bill Finch
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Updated 10/21/16

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In my quest for talented artists to supply artwork for my embroidery designs, I found Bill.  Or rather,  his wife Joyce found me!  They have been a joy to work with.  Sadly, Bill passed on August 29, 2001.  He was an artist by trade and could draw virtually anything.  He sent me many more drawings than I could ever keep up with and he wanted to share them with other embroidery digitizers with his compliments.  Feel free to download any of these drawings.  Simply click on the image to get a zipped bitmap of the drawing ready for you to take into your digitizing software. 

If you use one, don't forget to give Bill credit for the artwork and to
thank Joyce for their generosity!   Click on the pencil to email her.

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In fond memory of Bill, several digitizers are offering digitized versions of some of his drawings for you to download and stitch.  Here are 4 of them.  Please enjoy as Bill would have wanted.  :)


For all 4 designs in SHV format (Designer 1), CLICK HERE

These designs are graciously offered by Jackie (Queen Bee) from Green Bee Designs.
Click on the images to download


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Sewing on the Beach

If you like Bill's drawings and would like to see, purchase, or download some of them as digitized embroidery designs, here are some links:

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Rainbow Sewing Studio Digitiser's World
Ateljé Kreativ
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